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The moment you receive a cancer diagnosis, the focus of your life changes.

At Ackerman Cancer Center, we understand the impact cancer has on your life and on those around you.

We put our experience, our knowledge, and our determination to work for every patient that comes to our private practice. We are proud to offer the most innovative, evidence-based cancer treatments in the world. These include:

Ackerman Cancer Center is committed to providing the most comprehensive care that gives you the best potential for a cure. We treat the whole person – comprehensively and holistically. This means you always have access to:

  • Board certified team of expert radiation oncologists
  • Same-day appointments
  • On-site diagnostic services & same-day results
  • Nutrition assistance & counseling
  • Financial counseling
  • Oncology social workers
  • Oncology certified nursing staff
  • Diagnosis-specific support programs 

Ackerman Cancer Center – Your team of experts.

Proton Therapy Experts

Ackerman Cancer Center is proud to offer proton therapy to our patients. This advanced radiation delivery system can precisely target tumors, which reduces the damage dealt to surrounding healthy tissue and organs.