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The most advanced breast care is here.

Dr. Scuderi is personalizing women’s imaging at Ackerman Breast Clinic, the first and only comprehensive breast center in Northeast Florida and the first to bring you Contrast-Enhanced Mammography.

Contrast- enhanced mammography is a diagnostic procedure that is especially beneficial to women with dense breasts or who are at high risk of breast cancer.


Screening and Diagnostic Services at Ackerman Breast Clinic

Finding breast cancer at the earliest possible stage greatly increases your chance of a complete recovery. Traditional mammography is still considered to be the gold standard of screening and can be used in combination with the following:

  • Breast Biopsy
  • Breast Ultrasound
  • 2D Mammogram
  • 3D Mammogram
  • Contrast-Enhanced Mammography

What is Contrast-Enhanced Mammography (CEM)?

CEM is similar to a traditional mammogram, but delivers higher sensitivity by utilizing a contrast-dye medium, which is a substance that is injected into the bloodstream and highlights any abnormalities in the breast tissue. The contrast-enhanced mammogram is performed two minutes after the dye has been injected.

Upon arrival, your patient can expect the entire exam to last only about one hour. While CEM is similar to a routine mammogram, it also utilizes an iodinated contrast medium to highlight increased blood flow and as a result, breast cancer, within the breast tissue.

A range of comfort-enhancing features helps to ease patient anxiety, reduce the chance of movement and provide an overall better experience.

3D Mammogram
contrast enhanced mammogram

How do I know if CEM at Ackerman Breast Clinic is right for my patients?

CEM is performed as part of a Diagnostic Mammogram, not as a screening study.

  • All patients undergoing CEM should also have orders from their provider for bilateral breast ultrasound, if needed.
  • Women who have a history of allergy to iodinated contrast cannot undergo CEM.
  • Women with breast implants may not be suitable for CEM, and typically benefit most from breast MRI if a contrasted exam is indicated. If a woman with implants is very interested in CEM, it may be protocoled by the Radiologist on a case-by-case basis.
  • Women 60 years of age or older and all women regardless of age with risk factors for kidney disease, must have a laboratory test performed to assess renal function (serum creatinine and eGFR values) within 45 days of the CEM exam. This is because the iodine-based contrast used in the CEM exam is eliminated from the body by the kidneys.

Our Women’s Imaging technologists will ask the following questions to determine if a patient needs to have renal function testing prior to CEM:

1. What is your current age?

2. Do you have diabetes?

3. Do you have high blood pressure requiring medication?

4. Do you have any problems with your kidneys (such as transplant,

If a patient is less than 60 years of age and answers no to questions 2-4, IV contrast will be administered.

If a patient is 60 years of age or older and/or answers yes to any of these questions, an eGFR will be performed before administering IV contrast.

Patients with eGFR of 35 or above and no other contraindications (such as history of allergy) may receive IV contrast.

physician and patient

How do I refer a patient to Ackerman Breast Clinic?

We want to provide the most accurate breast cancer results and diagnosis possible. As an independent cancer center and breast clinic, we collaborate with referring physicians to ensure seamless care before, during and after treatment.

Meet Dr. Gaelyn Scuderi

Meet Dr. Gaelyn Scuderi