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Ackerman Cancer Center

September 1, 2021

Press Release


Jacksonville, FL (September 1st, 2021)- Ackerman Cancer Center, the world’s first and only private practice offering proton beam technology, is pleased to announce another first by offering Contrast-Enhanced Mammography (CEM) as a cutting-edge cancer diagnostic method at Ackerman Breast Clinic. They are the first in Northeast Florida to offer contrast-enhanced mammography at their location in Northeast Florida.

Excluding skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in the United States, with more than 250,000 breast cancers diagnosed each year. When it comes to breast cancer, every patient and their loved ones are looking for personalized clinical care and technologies. Every patient is different, and with these technologies we now have another set of tools to aid in the diagnosis of breast cancer.” – Dr. Gaelyn Scuderi, Diagnostic Radiologist and Director of Imaging at Ackerman Cancer Center

Contrast-enhanced mammography has been shown to find breast cancer better than traditional mammograms, and is especially beneficial to women with dense breasts or at a high-risk of breast cancer. CEM provides exceptional clarity to help rule out cancer or highlight an abnormality requiring further attention. The addition of CEM helps deliver high sensitivity for a more accurate breast cancer diagnosis and allows for immediate additional testing performed on the same system, in the same room and often with the same staff. CEM is just like a normal mammogram except it uses a contrast medium, which is a substance that is injected into the bloodstream and shows up on an x-ray. The contrast medium collects in tissues with robust blood flow, especially cancerous tissues, enabling the radiology team to study that area in more detail. CEM is performed simultaneously with a 2D mammogram. 3D mammography can also be performed at the same visit.

As a physician, our goal is to provide our patients with the most advanced technology and personalized treatment possible. Contrast-enhanced mammography is just that. CEM displays intuitive images that allow less inconclusive findings and higher diagnostic certainty, which in turn allows patients greater peace of mind.” – Dr. Gaelyn Scuderi, Diagnostic Radiologist and Director of Imaging at Ackerman Cancer Center

Not everyone is a candidate for CEM, therefore physician referrals are required for this diagnostic testing. If you think you may be or would like to know if you are a candidate for CEM, speak with your healthcare provider.

Ackerman Breast Clinic offers additional personalized screening and diagnostic services, including on-site biopsies and breast ultrasounds. Confidence, clarity and the most advanced breast imaging technology are right around the corner, only at Ackerman Breast Clinic.

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CEM in the News

To view a full interview with Dr. Gaelyn Scuderi, patient Faye Laughinghouse, and First Coast News regarding CEM- click here

About Ackerman Cancer Center

Founded in 1997, Ackerman Cancer Center was established to deliver patients the highest-quality of personalized cancer care, while remaining committed to the mission of service to those in need throughout the entire spectrum of society.

Their vision is to distinguish Ackerman Cancer Center as a leader in radiation oncology treatment and a place where patients interact with innovative leaders in the field of cancer care, while remaining at the center of every decision regarding their well-being. The physicians at Ackerman Cancer Center are experts in their fields, and are highly trained in the latest cancer diagnostic and treatment technologies in order to provide outstanding service and continually exceed patient expectation.

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