Advanced cancer treatment modalities and customized, patient-centered care.

Every cancer diagnosis is unique, and every treatment plan must also be unique and customized to give patients the best potential for a cure. At Ackerman Cancer Center in Jacksonville, FL, we offer you access to a number of the most effective, evidence-based radiation therapies available, including proton therapy.

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Proton therapy is one of the most precise, advanced radiation treatment modalities available. In traditional photon radiation, the x-ray beams travel through the tumor destroying both cancerous and healthy tissue along the way. Proton therapy provides a more efficient solution by utilizing charged particles (protons) to penetrate the tissue and deposit nearly all of their energy directly at the tumor site, thereby reducing damage to surrounding areas.

Ackerman Cancer Center in Jacksonville is proud to be the world’s first private practice offering its own proton beam technology. Proton therapy is often the best choice for patients with localized tumors. It offers less risk of side effects, reduced radiation exposure to surrounding healthy tissue, and a higher dose of radiation to the tumor site. The radiation oncologists at Ackerman Cancer Center will work with you and consider all options to develop the best possible treatment plan for your cancer.

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