Breast Cancer Screening and Care at Ackerman Cancer Center

Known for our focus on women’s health, Ackerman Cancer Center provides the latest evidence-based options for breast cancer screening, testing and treatment. We remain current with the on-going research, clinical trials and individualized options for the wellbeing of today’s woman.

Our practice has the most advanced imaging services available, including digital mammography, 3D tomosynthesis and breast ultrasound. A board-certified, fellowship-trained breast imaging radiology physician oversees all imaging and conducts exams in supportive and comfortable settings with experienced technologists.

We strive to offer same or next day appointments at our Jacksonville and Amelia Island offices. We are committed to a quick turn-around and explanation of your imaging or testing results.

Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer in women worldwide. The multispecialty team of physicians at Ackerman Cancer Center is committed to the breast health of women in the community by providing annual breast cancer screening, early detection, rapid diagnosis, state of the art treatment, and lifetime breast cancer survivorship care. 

Who Should be Screened for Breast Cancer?

Finding this common cancer at the earliest possible stage greatly increases your chances for a complete cure. Breast cancer is often asymptomatic and undetectable on physical exam until the cancer is advanced. In many cases, once a breast cancer can be felt as a breast lump, cancer cells have already traveled outside the breast, into the lymphatic system or throughout the body, making treatment more difficult. Because of this, early detection of breast cancer before symptoms arise is essential.   

The physicians at Ackerman Cancer Center know that every woman is an individual, and every exam at Ackerman Cancer Center includes a personal assessment of your breast cancer risk.  Beginning at age 40, all women at average risk should receive a yearly screening mammogram to check for signs of breast cancer. If you have risk factors that increase your chance of developing breast cancer during your lifetime, we will make sure you have a plan for heightened surveillance. Women who have a high risk for breast cancer benefit from screening mammography every year beginning at age 30.  Yearly supplemental screening breast MRI is an important additional tool for early detection of breast cancer in high-risk women.

Genetic testing can further define individual risk for women and their family members with a significant personal or family history of cancer. 

Expert Diagnostic Services

Women with breast symptoms such as a lump, nipple or skin changes, or pain only in one breast should seek medical care at Ackerman Cancer Center. Our physicians will evaluate your symptoms, and perform the appropriate testing to look for the presence of breast cancer. Our breast imaging radiologist will customize a diagnostic breast imaging exam tailored to your individual history and symptoms.  This personalized testing may include diagnostic mammography, breast ultrasound, or a combination of both techniques to provide you with a thorough exam.  You will receive the results of your exam in person, from a board-certified and fellowship-trained breast imaging radiology physician, on the day of your test.

If your diagnostic breast imaging exam reveals areas of concern, the doctor may recommend a breast biopsy, a short-term follow-up, or possibly an additional imaging test such as a breast MRI.  For every outcome, all women conclude the diagnostic breast imaging exam armed with knowledge and an action plan. 


If breast cancer is diagnosed, our multidisciplinary care team will act quickly to provide you comprehensive, coordinated care. The Ackerman Cancer Center team is proud to be an independent provider of cutting edge cancer care including proton therapy which has been proven to decrease the amount of radiation to the heart and lungs, thus reducing cardiac events and secondary cancer diagnosis. 


Your breast health will be our priority for your entire life. The Ackerman Cancer Center team understands that breast cancer survivors deserve special vigilance. We are proud to provide our family of survivors with coordinated clinical and multimodality breast imaging follow-up long after treatment has been completed. We strive to get you healthy and keep you healthy.  We will make sure you are closely examined, and that your breast health plan remains in line with the most up-to-date practice standards of cancer care and surveillance.



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