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SPOHNC Support Group

Zoom Call (Virtual)

This month’s topic of SPOHNC is lifestyle choices after cancer treatment. The program will touch on the importance of choosing a healthy lifestyle post treatment. 

Living with Lung Cancer

Zoom Call (Virtual)

Exploring social connections and emotional support while discussing the stigma surrounding lung cancer, and how these stigma can negatively affect every aspect of the lung cancer experience.

Men Helping Men

Zoom Call (Virtual)

Peer support and how men can benefit from learning from each other. Each survivor has his own story, but there is still much to gain from listening to each other’s experiences in exploring various topics including talking about diagnosis, fear of recurrence and lifestyle changes.


Zoom Call (Virtual)

Cancer and COVID-19: How quarantine impacts survivorship. Discussing the different impacts quarantine can have on cancer survivors. Additionally, tips on ways to cope and personal reflections on how members have learned to cope with their diagnosis.