Leukemia and Lymphoma Treatment

After a leukemia or lymphoma diagnosis, you will have many questions about your particular type of cancer and the treatment options.

There are many cancers that affect the blood, bone marrow, and lympathic system. Whether you want to know more about your diagnosis and treatment options, the financial impact of your diagnosis, or need social or emotional support, we are here to provide you with the answers and information you need.

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At Ackerman Cancer Center, the patient-centric approach to cancer treatment places you at the center of your care. Your treatment plan is designed to meet the unique needs of your cancer and your lifestyle.

There are many different treatment approaches depending on the type of leukemia or lymphoma which may include chemotherapy, targeted therapy, stem cell transplant, immunotherapy, vaccine therapy, radiation therapy, or a combination of treatment therapies.

Treatments offered at Ackerman Cancer Center include:

Proton therapy is one of the most precise, advanced radiation treatment modalities available today. In traditional photon radiation, the x-ray beams travel through the tumor destroying both cancerous and healthy tissue along the way. Proton therapy provides a more efficient solution by utilizing charged particles (protons) to penetrate the tissue and deposit nearly all of their energy directly at the tumor site, thereby reducing damage to surrounding areas.

Ackerman Cancer Center is proud to be the world’s first private practice offering its own proton beam technology. While proton therapy is not right for every patient, the radiation oncologists at Ackerman Cancer Center will consider all options when developing your personalized treatment plan.

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What to Expect

Being diagnosed with cancer raises many questions. Learn what to expect during cancer treatment here.

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Meet Janie, Three-time Cancer Survivor

At the heart of every single treatment delivered at Ackerman Cancer Center is a patient whose life has been impacted by cancer. Meet Janie. Her story brings hope and encouragement to others battling this difficult disease. Listen as she shares her experiences.


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