The MEVION S250 System features the latest proton therapy technology available.

Our system features the most advanced proton therapy technology in a compact, highly efficient treatment system. This ensures that each and every treatment is delivered safely and effectively and that the treatment plan developed for you is as accurate and effective as possible. Since opening the proton therapy unit in April of 2015, Ackerman Cancer Center has treated more than 1,000 patients with proton therapy.


The team at Ackerman Cancer Center uses DirectDose™ beam modulating technology to meticulously shape and regulate the proton beams, conforming them to your exact treatment plan. DirectDose™ precisely pinpoints even the most hard-to-reach tumors, and penetrates to a depth of 32 centimeters within your body – more than one foot.

In addition to reaching tumors deeper in the body, the MEVION S250 System’s rotating table and gantry work together to treat tumors from every angle.


The MEVION S250 System offers full robotic positioning for precise patient placement, ensuring that the proton beam directly targets your tumor and minimizes exposure to the surrounding healthy tissues and organs.

Each treatment lasts approximately 20 minutes, significantly reducing the risk of movement. Any movement, whether caused by gas, breathing, or internal organ movement, can change the location of a tumor. A prompt and efficient treatment time means a higher level of accuracy targeting the tumor.

During a treatment session, the MEVION S250’s gantry rotates around the patient. This allows for exact treatment from every angle. 


Patient positioning is confirmed through the system’s 2D and 3D radiographic imaging system prior to each treatment session. No radiation is delivered until all necessary adjustments have been made and patient alignment is confirmed. The multi-dimensional imaging feature assures the maximum radiation dose is delivered directly to your tumor, sparing healthy tissue.

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