Make an informed decision about your pancreatic cancer treatment and give yourself the best potential for a cure.

Radiation therapy is an effective treatment option for many pancreatic cancer patients, both those diagnosed with exocrine pancreatic cancer and the more rare endocrine pancreatic cancer.

If you have questions about the types of treatments available to you, we encourage you to have a consultation with one of our radiation oncologists. They will gladly take the time to discuss all aspects of your pancreatic cancer with you, providing answers to questions along the way. Call us at 904-880-5522 to begin your journey towards defeating pancreatic cancer.

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Pancreatic cancer treatment usually requires a combination approach. Treatment often includes tumor removal, along with chemotherapy, targeted therapy, and/or radiation therapy.

Ackerman Cancer Center offers a variety of radiation therapy options for the treatment of pancreatic cancer including:

Proton therapy is one of the most precise, advanced radiation treatment modalities available today. In traditional photon radiation, the x-ray beams travel through the tumor destroying both cancerous and healthy tissue along the way. Proton therapy provides a more efficient solution by utilizing charged particles (protons) to penetrate the tissue and deposit nearly all of their energy directly at the tumor site, thereby reducing damage to surrounding areas.

Ackerman Cancer Center is proud to be the world’s first private practice offering its own proton beam technology. While proton therapy is not right for every patient, the radiation oncologists at Ackerman Cancer Center will consider all options when developing your personalized treatment plan.

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What to Expect

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