Proton therapy is an advanced radiation delivery system that precisely targets tumors, significantly reducing damage to healthy tissue and organs.

What are the benefits of proton therapy?
  • Your healthy tissues and organs are exposed to significantly less radiation than with traditional radiation therapies
  • Cancer site receives a higher dose of radiation than traditional radiation therapies can offer
  • Painless, non-invasive treatment method
  • Fewer side effects
  • Minimal radiation exposure to nearby tissue and organs means less risk of cancer recurrence
  • Better quality of life during and after treatment
Because it is so precise, proton therapy is able to:
  • Treat tumors close to critical organs
  • Treat tumors too small for other modalities
  • Keep nearby healthy tissue and organs from being damaged by radiation
  • Treat the cancer site and spare the rest of the organ, leading to a lower rate of complications
How does it work?

Protons are larger, heavier energy particles that move quickly through healthy tissue, depositing the bulk of radiation they carry at the tumor site. This maximum energy deposit is known as the Bragg Peak. Since virtually all of a proton’s energy is focused at the tumor site, almost no radiation travels beyond the Bragg Peak, which reduces damage to adjacent tissues and organs.

Protons are most successful in treating localized cancers that have not spread to other areas. When used in the treatment of specific tumors, proton therapy may result in fewer side effects and better quality throughout treatment.

Conventional Radiation Therapy

 Targeted Proton Therapy

Is proton therapy right for me?

Proton therapy is an extremely effective treatment option for localized tumors that have not spread to other areas. It can be used alone or in conjunction with other cancer treatments including traditional radiation, surgery, and chemotherapy. For a full list of cancers that proton therapy has been proven beneficial for, please click here.

Advanced Technologies

Proton therapy in Jacksonville at Ackerman Cancer Center is precise, accurate, and safe. The MEVION S250 system combines the most advanced proton therapy technology currently available into a compact, efficient treatment system featuring DirectDose™ beam modulating technology and Full Robotic Positioning for precise patient positioning.

Learn more about the MEVION S250 system here