Research shows that proton therapy can improve your quality of life in the treatment of these and other cancers.

Proton therapy is a proven treatment option for a wide range of cancers, and is particularly effective for treating irregularly shaped tumors, hard-to-reach tumors, tumors near vital organs and critical structures, and localized tumors that have not spread to other areas.

Proton therapy has unique benefits related to each cancer type. Please select from the list below to view these benefits, as well as the latest research on using proton therapy for your cancer type.

Benefits of Proton Therapy for Bladder Cancer

  • Reduced exposure to the rectum, pelvic bones, and bowels
  • Reduces risk of urinary incontinence, having an artificial bladder, and broken hipbones

Research on Proton for Bladder Cancer

International Journal of Radiation Oncology: Proton beam therapy for invasive bladder cancer: a prospective study of bladder-preserving therapy with combined radiotherapy and intra-arterial chemotherapy.