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Proton Therapy & Current Research

Proton Research

We Believe in Proton Therapy – Proton Therapy may be new to you, but it is not new in curing cancer. The idea of Proton Therapy was first introduced in 1946 when Robert R Wilson, Ph.D. outlined the advantages of proton beam radiation over conventional photon radiation, and in 1954, the first clinical use of Proton Therapy was initiated to treat cancer. Since then, Proton Therapy continues to be a prominent force in cancer treatments.

Ackerman Cancer Center only uses evidence-based treatments. All of our providers, therapists and specialists stay up to date on the latest research, techniques and technology. While our providers pride themselves on being innovative practitioners, continually searching for the best-personalized treatment, they always base their care on science and value collaborative-discussion with other industry-leading colleagues.

Benefits of Proton Therapy for Head and Neck Cancer Patients

Otolaryngol Clinics of North America

Proton therapy provide head and neck cancer patients with reduced radiation toxicities and symptoms caused by radiation toxicity.

Brain Tumor Spot Scanning with Proton Beam Therapy

Journal of the European Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology

This article reviews a study that evaluated the safety and efficacy of proton therapy when treating brain tumors. The results of the study show that proton therapy was an effective treatment option for patients with ...

Cosmetic Effects of Proton Therapy and Breast Cancer Outcomes

International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, and Physics

This article provides an updated report of a trial reviewing early stage breast cancer patient outcomes who are treated with proton beam radiation therapy. The report concludes after 5 years there was an overall 95% survival and ...

Hodgkin Lymphoma Treatment with Proton Therapy

International Journal of Radiation Oncology

This article presents the outcomes of treating stage I and stage III Hodgkin lymphoma patients with proton therapy. Proton therapy led to fewer side effects and after 3 years the relapse free survival was 93% and the ...

Long Term Results Treating Sarcomas with High-Dose Proton Therapy vs. High-dose photon therapy

Journal of Surgical Oncology

This article presents the outcomes of treating sarcomas with proton therapy vs. conventional photon radiation therapy. The study concluded local control of primary tumors is high with proton therapy treatment.

Precision Brain Tumor Treatment for First-time mom with Proton Therapy

Fox News

A pregnant, first-time mom is able to treat a brain tumor located near her hormone producing hypothalamus with proton beam therapy. Due to the precision offered from proton therapy, after delivery, she was able care ...

Prostate Cancer Outcomes with Proton Therapy

International Journal of Radiation Oncology

This article reports the results of a study that provided clinical outcomes over the course of five years. The outcomes presented that, with the treatment of proton therapy, there was high efficacy, minimal toxicity, and ...

Proton Beam Therapy Effectiveness with Liver Cancer

Official Journal of the International College of Surgeons

This article presents the outcomes of a study on a patient with liver cancer who was not responding well to chemotherapy. After four courses of chemotherapy with the disease.

Proton Beam Therapy for Invasive Bladder Cancer

International Journal of Radiation Oncology

This article presents the outcomes of a study that explores the use of proton therapy to preserve bladder function in patients with invasive bladder cancer. The results of the study show that proton therapy was ...

Proton Beam Therapy Survival for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

International Journal of Radiation Oncology

This is a scholarly review of survival for lung cancer patients treated with traditional radiation therapy versus proton radiation therapy. The study concluded there was better survival for those treated with protons.

Proton Radiosurgery in Neurosurgery

Journal of Neurosurgery

This research supports the use of Stereotactic Radio Surgery (SRS) using protons instead of conventional photons for brain lesions. The results of the study show that proton radiation offers superior conformity in dose and distribution ...

Proton Re-Irradiation for Locally Recurrent Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma

International Journal of Radiation Oncology

This study followed a carefully selected group of patients who had a local recurrence after definitive treatment for pancreatic adenocarcinoma. The patients irradiated (received a second round of radiation treatments) using proton therapy. The treatment ...

Proton Therapy Benefits Head and Neck Cancer Patients

MD Anderson Cancer Center

In recent years, head and neck cancers have drastically increased. Traditional radiation therapy can lead to painful side effects, but treating these cancers with proton therapy spares healthy tissue. This leads to fewer complications and ...

Proton Therapy for Brain Tumor Treatments

Adult CNS Radiation Oncology

This article explains the differences between proton therapy and photon therapy, which is the more commonly known radiation treatment. It describes the evolution of proton therapy and the benefits of when proton beam therapy is ...

Proton Therapy for Most Common Lung Cancer

MD Anderson Cancer Center

Treating non-small cell lung cancer that is in inoperable stages with proton therapy provides effective results with fewer side effects. The overall survival was two and a half to just over three year with less ...

Proton Therapy for Pancreatic Cancer

University of Florida Proton Therapy Institute

Traditional radiation therapy compromises surrounding organs and tissue when treating pancreatic cancer. By treating pancreatic cancer with proton therapy, the outcomes are better and side effects are reduced.

Proton Therapy for Treating Eye Cancer (Uveal Metastases)

International Journal of Radiation Oncology

This article presents the outcomes of a study that explores the use of proton therapy in treating eye cancer. Proton therapy proved to be an effective treatment with only minor side effects due to the ...

Proton Therapy Provides Advantage for Head and Neck Patients

Mayo Clinic Cancer Centerโ€™s Online Magazine

This article presents the results of disease-free survival when treated proton therapy compared to traditional radiation therapy. The outcome was a significantly higher disease-free survival for patients who received proton therapy compared to radiation.

Proton Therapy Reduces Side Effects in Hodgkin Lymphoma Treatment

University of Florida Proton Therapy Institute

This article reviews the outcomes of treating Hodgkin lymphoma with proton therapy. The use of proton therapy lessens the dose of radiation to surrounding organs and, therefore, lowers the risk of developing secondary diseases.

Proton Therapy Spares Heart in Breast Cancer Treatment

New England Journal of Medicine

Proton beam therapy provides targeted radiation that can help protect surrounding organs and tissue. When treating left breast cancer, the heart gets radiation exposure due to its location, but with proton therapy the heart and ...

Proton Therapy Treatment for Prostate in Men 60 and Younger

Cancer, ACS Journals

This article presents the outcomes of a study on men age 60 or younger receiving proton therapy treatment for prostate cancer. The results showed excellent outcomes when reviewing their sexual health and overall quality of life.