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Total Body MRI

Total-Body MRI

Ackerman Cancer Center now offers Total-Body MRI services at our Mandarin location

At Ackerman Cancer Center, our commitment to advancing patient care is at the core of our mission. As leaders in oncology cancer care, we are proud to now offer Total Body MRI Scans in our Jacksonville office. A comprehensive understanding of your health is crucial in the fight against cancer, this is why we are proud to introduce Total-Body MRI as a groundbreaking addition to our services.

Total-Body MRI, performed by the innovative technology of the New Philips 1.5T Ingenia MRI machine, seamlessly integrates into our patient-centered approach, providing a holistic view of your health. Total-Body MRI enables us to offer a thorough examination of the entire body, facilitating early detection and pinpointing potential abnormalities.

Female doctor talking to a patient about to have a MRI scan

Complete Insight, One Scan

Total-Body MRI at Ackerman Cancer Center offers a comprehensive suite of 15 Scan Options, allowing for a detailed examination of various body regions. This extensive coverage ensures that potential abnormalities are identified early, contributing to a proactive and effective approach to cancer detection. The ultra-sensitive, accurate, and painless nature of the scan minimizes discomfort for patients, making it an accessible and patient-friendly option for those seeking proactive health management.

Total-Body MRI boasts quicker scan times, reducing the duration of the imaging process while maintaining the highest standards of precision. This not only enhances patient convenience but also allows for a more efficient diagnostic workflow. At Ackerman Cancer Center, we recognize that your journey is a continuum of care.

Patients undergoing Total-Body MRI receive more than just an advanced imaging experience; they gain a dedicated care team that guides them every step of the way. Our commitment extends beyond the scanning room, providing continued care and support post-scan to ensure a seamless and holistic approach to your health and well-being.

Ackerman Cancer Center’s Total-Body MRI experience includes a Pre-Scan Consultation, 1-Hour Body Scan, and a Post-Scan Result Discussion with one of our Oncology Nurse Practitioners.

Take control of your health. Call us at 904-513-3657 to connect with our team, schedule your scan, and put yourself on the path to total health.

Doctor with colleagues standing in hospital at MRI machine with scan results