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Whole-Patient Care

While technology treats tumors, whole-patient care heals the person.

All Ackerman Cancer Center patients receive assistance from our knowledgeable, patient-centric team to manage the numerous challenges a cancer diagnosis brings.

  • Oncology Certified Nurses

    Patients are seen by oncology certified nurses who have received advanced training in the complex field of cancer care. Each nursing professional is well versed in treatment management, and works closely with patients and their physicians to fulfill each personalized care plan.

  • Oncology Social Workers

    Highly skilled oncology social workers are always available to assist patients, family members, and caregivers in locating appropriate support programs and resources. These professionals work closely with patients from diagnosis through survivorship.

  • Support Programs

    We present general and diagnosis-specific support programs on a monthly basis. These virtual support groups are facilitated on Ackerman Cancer Center’s secure Zoom platform, and are open to all cancer patients and their families in the community.

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  • Psychological Support

    The mental and emotional impacts of cancer can affect the healing process. Many patients find immense benefit in speaking one-on-one with Ackerman Cancer Center’s staff psychologist during and after treatment.

  • Nutrition Services

    Good nutrition is vital to health, both during and after cancer treatment. Ackerman Cancer Center’s in-house oncology dietician is available to provide nutritional guidance and support. This program is an integral part of the whole-patient care approach, and focuses on fulfilling the unique dietary needs of cancer patients.

  • Financial Services

    All patients deserve quality cancer care, regardless of their financial situation. Our financial counselors help patients and their caregivers evaluate insurance benefits, plan for care costs, and navigate other matters related to billing and payment management.