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Our Proton Technology

Our Proton Technology

Advanced Technology

Proton therapy in Jacksonville at Ackerman Cancer Center is precise, accurate, and safe. The MEVION S250 system combines the most advanced proton therapy technology currently available into a compact, efficient treatment system featuring DirectDose™ beam modulating technology and Full Robotic Positioning for precise patient positioning.

The History and Future of Proton Therapy

The use of proton therapy to treat cancer has had wonderful advancements, but it’s certainly not new. It was first used in in the 1950s in a limited capacity. In the 1970s with advancements in imaging, treatment delivery systems, and computers, made proton therapy a more realistic treatment option. However, due to the cost and size of the equipment, it was not viable option for many medical institutions.

In just over 7 years the number of proton centers in the US has gone from a mere 5 to 35. It’s growing because proton beam therapy has shown conclusive success in eradicating cancer and is well-tolerated by patients and technological advancements have made the delivery methods more compact.

With more patients having been treated with proton therapy in this country and throughout the world, we are seeing more academic research and clinical trials conclusively showing the positive outcomes to expect with this targeted beam.
ACC remains the first and only privately owned cancer practice to offer proton therapy. We are the first to make it available to the broad spectrum of cancer fighters in a local community…we’re making it available to you.