At Ackerman Cancer Center, our goal is to offer the professional, knowledgeable assistance needed to manage the numerous challenges a cancer diagnosis brings.

Patients at the Center are cared for by oncology certified nurses who have received advanced training in the complex field of cancer care. Each nursing professional is well-versed in treatment management and works closely with patients in all areas related to their care.

Our team of highly skilled oncology social workers is available to assist patients, family members, and caregivers in locating appropriate support programs and resources. These professionals work closely with patients from diagnosis through survivorship.

Good nutrition is vital to health both during and after cancer treatment. Ackerman Cancer Center’s in-house oncology dietitian is available to address any dietary concerns our patients may have. The program is an integral part of the Center’s whole patient approach and focuses on the unique dietary needs of cancer patients.

Many individuals find themselves caught off-guard financially by their cancer diagnosis. We believe all patients deserve quality cancer care, regardless of their financial situation. That’s why our financial counselor helps patients evaluate insurance benefits and address other financial concerns.

Support Groups

Support programs provide education, comfort, and emotional support to those living with, or affected by, cancer. View a list of programs here.

Visitor's Guide

For information about traveling to and staying in Jacksonville, click here.

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