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Giving Tuesday

Ackerman Cancer Center

November 29, 2021

Giving Tuesday

Happy Giving Tuesday! What is Giving Tuesday you ask? It is simply a day that is dedicated to encouraging people to do good. Giving Tuesday was established in 2012 and has become a global movement, inspiring generosity in hundreds of millions of people around the world.

While there are many ways to give back, Ackerman Cancer Center would like to inspire others to do good by encouraging our community to give back to our patients through our Foundation.

By donating to our Foundation, you are helping our patients such as Ms. Baker, Ms. Silver, and Mr. Blocker get through some of the most difficult times in their lives, providing courage and support every step of the way.

ACF Patient Stories

Ms. Baker

For Ms. Baker, 2021 has been a year filled with many difficult challenges. Within the year she has lost family members, had a tragic house fire, and undergone adjuvant chemotherapy and radiation following surgery. Due to her ongoing need for treatment, Ms. Baker has not been able to work. Moreover, she has had to use her dip into her own savings to regain furniture that was lost to the fire. Through the foundation we have been able to help alleviate some of Ms. Baker’s financial burden by covering the cost of her utilities bill. We were also able to assist Ms. Baker with the cost of her JTA transportation so that she could come in for treatment without the worry of paying for each ride.

Ms. Silver

Ms. Silver came from Georgia for treatment and was unfortunately placed in a position where she had to potentially pay for lodging for 6 weeks. Due to her financial situation, it was unlikely that Ms. Silver could afford such a cost and she applied for assistance from the foundation. The foundation was able to provide her with much-needed financial assistance, covering all of her lodging expenses for the 6 weeks that she was in treatment. Ms. Silver expressed so much gratitude for the help provided to her by the foundation and couldn’t have been happier with her experience at Ackerman.


Mr. Blocker

Mr. Blocker came to Ackerman when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer a few weeks ago. Although he receives disability and has Medicare, Mr. Blocker barely makes rent each month due to the minimal support he receives through his government assistance. Since he would be responsible for the 20% that Medicare would not cover for services, the foundation was able to provide him some peace of mind by contributing towards his rent for the two months he will be in treatment. Knowing that his housing is stable for the next few months of treatment has given the patient more confidence in his ability to maintain his quality of life during this challenging time.

How You Can Help Support

Support can come in many ways- sharing information with your friends and family, helping us with fundraising events, Amazon Smile, and financial support.

Did you know you can shop on Amazon and support the Foundation? Log into your Amazon account and select Ackerman Cancer Foundation as your charity of choice. If you did this earlier this year, you will need to redo it every 6 months.

Click Accounts and Lists> Select AmazonSmile> Select Ackerman Cancer Center

Make a personal contribution.
 Your generous gift will provide assistance with food, shelter, utility expenses and transportation costs which can burden patients during their treatment.

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